Greenacre Public School

Deeds Not Words

Telephone02 9759 1305

Opportunity Class

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address Waterloo Road, Greenacre NSW 2190

telephone 02 9759 1305 02 9759 1305


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Greenacre Public School is one of 3 schools in the Bankstown district to have an opportunity class.

Students must compete academically with other candidates for opportunity class placement. Academic merit is determined mainly by the combination of the results of the opportunity class placement test in english language, mathematics and general ability together with the primary school assessments of student performance in english and mathematics.

Opportunity classes are made up of both year 5 and 6 students, and provide a differentiated curriculum. Students join in with all aspects of school life at Greenacre, such as Primary school sports association (PSSA, Band, Dance groups, Chess, Scripture classes, Maths Olympiad, Tournament Of The Minds, Student Representative Council, Choir and Public Speaking.